The Eastern Arc Podcast Series

Project members Dr Gaetano Grilli, Amy Shurety, Dr Michaela Schratzberger, and Dr Murray Thompson provide an introduction to the Pyramids of Life project in discussion with Eastern Arc's Phil Ward.

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Exploring Narratives in Environmental Challenges 

A webinar exploring how we can draw on an approach from literary studies to help us incorporate critical awareness of the limitations of narratives into our communicative strategies.

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Journal Article

in Fish and Fisheries

Fishing for biodiversity by balanced harvesting

Using a dynamic model of a marine ecosystem, Richard Law and Michael Plank provide numerical evidence showing for the first time that fishing, if scaled using the principle of balanced harvesting, can protect rarer species, while allowing some exploitation of species with greater production.

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UK Fishers' trust in governing institutions

UCL Masters student Max Dixon examines the levels of trust UK Fishers' have in the institutions that govern the industry.

Link to article in Fishing News (July 2022) - Do you trust the institutions that govern UK fisheries?

Link to article in Fishing News (Sept 2022) - We don't trust you!


Seafood consumption habits amongst University of York students: preferences and behavioural insights

Results of a student survey undertaken in March 2023 across University of York campus canteens.

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Journal Article 

in Marine Policy

The importance of rebuilding trust in fisheries governance in post-Brexit England

Max Dixon and Pyramids of Life team members examine the levels of trust UK Fishers' have in the institutions that govern the industry. 

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